MAJE, first China flagship store in Beijing


MAJE, a chic young french brand, rapidly rising among Europe extending her fans into China. Open its first China flagship store in Beijing iconic vogue mall, Taikoo Li at beginning of November. This extraordinary fit-out was implemented by Rich Honour International Design who specify in luxurious retail industry store construction.

Even dressed in new concept, the store design remained its stylish in mixture of french elegance and Morocco mystery which derived from the groudbreaking woman, Judith Milgrim. Whole store in pure shade, covered in warm white, dotted in gold. Shimmering blue backlit from the gold, underlying the mystery behind luxury.

4 Backlit logos are equally and fitting to overall of façade. Flip through the curved shopfront, an appealing poster, merely to the ceiling height soon catch passengers eye beyond extra white glass. As the brand image-boldness, freshness, vagueness; the store designed in common material, such as oak floor, white paint and metal, as well as common color,such as white, golden and brown but mixed in a exceptional hue.

From the appearance, a classic palace with golden arch is welcomed you to visit, and interior furnished in home-like design which makes you feel comfortable to explore unqiue look and to be you you in front of full-sided mirror.

Encounter natural warm oak flooring when step over the displaying area paving in bianco carrara stone, a new experience generated. Down light on the wall golden leaf, shimmering and appealing. But the warm white backwall deliver simple, pure and fresh concept. And the wooden floor, felt wall, knit carpet makes you cozy. The wooden shelf represent as a open-plan wardrobe in your house. Soft and natural texture of the decorating material, such as stone, wood, felt; says that in here, everything ingeniously blended and be fearless to show your different traits.


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